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Over the years, Global Fashion Summit has featured a prominent line-up of high-level speakers and panels from some of the fashion industry’s leading voices including visionaries, researchers, politicians, designers, environmentalists, journalists and more. On stage, insights are shared to set the agenda on the most critical environmental, social and ethical issues facing the industry.

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Global Fashion Summit: Boston Edition 2023

For the first time since its inception in 2009, the Global Fashion Summit was hosted in America, Boston, United States. Continuing the 2023 editorial theme of ‘Ambition to Action’, the content was centred around key themes including: Policy, Finance and Retail. The Summit in Boston also marked the release of the 2023 edition of The Fashion CEO Agenda, GFA's flagship report, and much more! Experience the Summit in Boston via the On-Demand Summit Library.

Global Fashion Summit: Singapore Edition 2022

The edition in Southeast Asia was the first international edition outside of Copenhagen since its inception in 2009. The theme of Global Fashion Summit: Singapore Edition continued GFA’s focus on ‘Alliances For a New Era’ in 2022. It built on the conversations and learnings from the Copenhagen event in June, with a deeper focus on the perspectives of manufacturers and supply chain partners. Experience the Summit in Singapore via the On-Demand Summit Library.

Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2020

Amidst the significant challenges and uncertainty imposed by COVID-19, GFA team revised the plan to deliver Copenhagen Fashion Summit in 2020. In its place, we were excited to launch a new concept, CFS+, a highly engaging and entertaining content platform. CFS+ was a hybrid of pre-produced premium digital content, live sessions, and an online forum that connected the fashion industry with the world’s leading innovators to keep the sustainability agenda alive. This entirely new approach to storytelling brought stories to life that championed the intersection of fashion and sustainability along with the people and perspectives driving our industry forward. 

Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2019

In 2019, the Copenhagen Fashion Summit marked its momentous 10-year milestone as the leading event dedicated to promoting sustainability in the fashion industry. Fashion leaders, CEOs, policymakers and innovators gathered from all corners of the world to demand urgent action and together push the fashion industry in the right direction under the theme ’10 Years of Rewriting Fashion.’ The event attracted 1,300 guests along with 78 inspiring speakers talking about climate change, the end of ownership, the power of creatives and many other exciting subjects. 

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Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2018

The 6th edition of the Copenhagen Fashion Summit occurred in May, 2018. Under the theme 'Restart Fashion,' the programme was shaped by GFA's flagship publication, the Fashion CEO Agenda, which outlined the seven most critical sustainability priorities for fashion industry leaders to address.

Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2017

The 5th edition of the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, held in May, 2017, saw key players of the fashion industry signing call to action by Global Fashion Agenda. Under the theme ‘Commitment to Change,' over 800 leaders from the fashion sector, non-governmental organizations, policy makers, and academia convened to collaborate in driving the fashion industry towards greater sustainability. A noteworthy achievement of the Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2017 was the launch of the 'Call to Action for a Circular Fashion System.'

Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2016

The 4th edition of the Copenhagen Fashion Summit brought together a gathering of over 1,200 attendees from 52 countries, all united by a common mission to drive change. Under the 2016's editorial theme 'Responsible Innovation,' the Summit's programme called for innovation and collaboration on an unprecedented scale.

Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2014

Now in its third year, the Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2014 gathered more than 1,000 decision-makers and thought leaders in fashion, business and politics – this year including Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, the patron of the summit. The programme in 2014 was notably tailored to emphasise solutions.

Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2012

Then organised every two years, Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2012 marks the Summit's 2nd edition, which took place at the Royal Opera House in Copenhagen. The Summit in 2014 gathered more than a 1,000 fashion business representatives from nearly 30 countries.

Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2009

While politicians were gathered in the Bella Center for the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, the Nordic fashion industry joined forces at The Opera House in Copenhagen to participate in 2009ʼs most important fashion event – the first ever Copenhagen Fashion Summit – a part of the NICE project. Since its first edition in 2009, Global Fashion Summit has established itself as the nexus of agenda-setting discussions on the most critical environmental, social and ethical issues facing the industry, people and our planet.