Convening decision makers from brands, retailers, suppliers, policy and interlinked industries, the Summit has become the nexus for agenda-setting discussions on the most critical environmental, social and ethical issues facing our industry and planet.

Global Fashion Summit: Copenhagen Edition 2024 Speakers

An array of expert speakers will be announced in the coming weeks.

Adam Karlsson

H&M Group

Aishwarya Sharma

Fashion Activist & Global Goals Ambassador

Christiane Dolva

H&M Foundation

Dr. Ahmed Zaidi

Hyran Technologies

Elizabeth Segran

Fast Company Magazine

Emily Stochl


Eshita Kabra

By Rotation

Eva Karlsson

Houdini Sportswear

Holly Syrett

Global Fashion Agenda

Joycelyn Longdon

Cambridge University & ClimateInColour

Kaisa Tikk


Megan Doyle

Sustainable Fashion Journalist

Shameek Ghosh


Sinéad Burke

Tilting the Lens

Tricia Carey

Renewcell / CIRCULOSE®

Vanessa Barboni Hallik

Another Tomorrow

Vanessa Friedman

The New York Times

Preliminary Programme

Under the theme "Unlocking the Next Level," our developing programme reflects the dynamic evolution of both the global landscape and the fashion industry in 2024. The programme is meticulously curated to align with the five Sustainability priorities presented by Global Fashion Agenda, that shape the future of the fashion industry; Respectful and Secure Work Environments, Better Wage Systems, Resource Stewardship, Smart Material Choices and Circular Systems. An array of expert speakers will be announced in the coming weeks. You can take a first look at the developing programme now*.   *Sessions outlined in the programme are preliminary and may change ahead of the event.