About Global Fashion Summit

Since its first edition in 2009, Global Fashion Summit has established itself as the nexus of agenda-setting discussions on the most critical environmental, social and ethical issues facing the industry, people and our planet.

The renowned forum for sustainability in fashion

The Summit has been spearheading the sustainability movement in fashion for the past decade by bringing together global industry leadership, change makers and innovators to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable fashion industry. It represents not just a leadership forum but an interactive space that aims to inspire leaders to act now.

Global Fashion Summit is organised by Global Fashion Agenda, a non-profit organisation that fosters industry collaboration on sustainability in fashion to accelerate impact. With the vision of a net positive fashion industry, it drives action by mobilising, inspiring and educating all stakeholders.

GFSCPH23 Main Stage

If we can change fashion, we can change everything

Fashion is one of the world’s most dynamic and influential industries. With creativity and ingenuity at its core – and fundamental connections with other industries along the value chain – fashion holds the power to affect change everywhere.

With new innovations, technologies and solutions at our fingertips, Global Fashion Summit shines light on the industry’s potential and gathers decision makers who together can make sustainability fashion’s first priority.

The global fashion industry is one of the world’s largest and most resource intense industries, facing numerous environmental, social and ethical challenges along its value chain. On the brink of a climate crisis and with increasing demands on the industry to demonstrate socially responsible practices, the fashion industry needs to take leadership in driving sustainable solutions.

The industry needs to work proactively and collectively to address critical environmental, social and ethical challenges to secure the future of the industry and our planet, making Global Fashion Summit more critical than ever.