About Global Fashion Summit

Since its first edition in 2009, Global Fashion Summit has established itself as the nexus of agenda-setting discussions on the most critical environmental, social and ethical issues facing the industry, people and our planet.

15-Years On

The 2024 Summit marks a significant milestone for GFA, as it signifies 15 years since the inaugural Global Fashion Summit (formerly, Copenhagen Fashion Summit) was hosted in 2009. 

GFA recognised the importance of placing fashion firmly on the global sustainability agenda and first introduced the pioneering forum in Copenhagen as a COP15 side event. Since its inception in 2009, the Summit, has established itself as an esteemed international forum on sustainability in fashion. Global Fashion Summit convenes major decision-makers from across the fashion ecosystem, and has become the nexus for agenda-setting discussions and meetings on the most critical environmental, social, and ethical issues facing our industry and planet, all intended to spark urgent action and accelerate impact in the industry. Building on the impact of the landmark Summit in Copenhagen, the platform was developed to be hosted in additional key regions around the world including Asia (Singapore) and North America (Boston). 

Fifteen years on, the 2024 edition will mark a special moment to not only take stock of the evolution of the sector and the progress made so far, but, most importantly, look ahead at what actions must urgently be implemented in the near term, and the gaps that must be filled to accelerate industry transformation.  

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

The 2030 deadline to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals is fast approaching. Moreover, to deliver the Paris Agreement and limit global warming to 1.5°C, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions must peak before 2025 and decline almost 50% by 2030 at the latest. Nevertheless, according to the UNFCCC Global Stocktake Report, the rise in temperature predicted for this century is still well above what was promised in Paris eight years ago.  

The industry must crucially use these pivotal years to implement solutions that can turn GHG emissions on a downward trajectory, mitigate fashion’s harm, redesign the current system and put it seriously on track for a net positive future.   

In the current macroeconomic and geopolitical climate, sustainability must not become an afterthought and leaders must be bolder than ever before. Forging this path to progress takes determination. The Summit will dare to push the industry even further through a programme focused on the realisation of intentions, consisting of informative voices, action-orientated case studies, applicable innovations, and transparent learnings.  

GFSCPH23 Main Stage

If we can change fashion, we can change everything

Fashion is one of the world’s most dynamic and influential industries. With creativity and ingenuity at its core – and fundamental connections with other industries along the value chain – fashion holds the power to affect change everywhere.

With new innovations, technologies and solutions at our fingertips, Global Fashion Summit shines light on the industry’s potential and gathers decision makers who together can make sustainability fashion’s first priority.

The global fashion industry is one of the world’s largest and most resource intense industries, facing numerous environmental, social and ethical challenges along its value chain. On the brink of a climate crisis and with increasing demands on the industry to demonstrate socially responsible practices, the fashion industry needs to take leadership in driving sustainable solutions.

The industry needs to work proactively and collectively to address critical environmental, social and ethical challenges to secure the future of the industry and our planet, making Global Fashion Summit more critical than ever.

What makes the Global Fashion Summit unique?

Global Fashion Summit presents an unrivalled experience for attendees who wish to hear from and connect with a breadth of fashion stakeholders. Tailored to a decision-making profile, the programme supports a range of brand functions with a focus on top management: over one-half of attendees hold roles of Director or above, with one-fifth President or C-suite. The content is carefully curated to equip not only sustainability specialists but creatives, marketers, sourcing experts, manufacturers, policy makers and more, to ultimately remove silos and foster collaborative action. The diversity of Summit content means multiple actors from across a business or organisation can walk away with relevant knowledge to support their role in influencing the sustainability journey.  

With a 15-year foundation as the leading forum for sustainability in fashion, Global Fashion Summit is synonymous with the sustainability zeitgeist. The forum has evolved into an unmissable date in the fashion calendar for those wishing to stay ahead on sustainability priorities, gain tangible updates on policy developments, explore new innovations, and reflect on sociocultural influences in the ever-changing fashion landscape.