Global Fashion Summit: Singapore Edition 2022

Global Fashion Summit: Singapore Edition 2022 was hosted in Singapore on 3 November 2022. The new edition in Southeast Asia was the first international edition outside of Copenhagen since its inception in 2009.

The theme of Global Fashion Summit: Singapore Edition continued GFA’s focus on ‘Alliances For a New Era’ in 2022. It built on the conversations and learnings from the Copenhagen event in June, with a deeper focus on the perspectives of manufacturers and supply chain partners.

The event includes even more manufacturer and supply chain partner voices in the programme to form a deeper understanding of sustainability challenges, differences, and opportunities to collaborate with brand executives on equal terms.

Panel discussions on topics: Data Scarcity, Disruption for better wage systems, Our energy transformation moment, Community and Circularity, The GFA Monitor Report, Progress in the past year of formed alliances for a new era, Empowering the worker majority, Connecting the EU Textiles Strategy with the value chain, The impact of free trade agreements, Sourcing Alliances for recycled fibres and conversations and Key notes.