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Keynote Conversation

Design With Intent: From Inspiration to Collaboration

Panel discussion

  • Creating a model for mutually-beneficial cultural collaboration
  • Relearning how to use inspiration responsibly in design
  • Engaging authentically with communities for relationship-building and intentional storytelling

Pathways to Indigenous Partnership

Panel Discussion

  • Level setting: addressing how articulating the framing for this topic and nuances to know
  • Centering the human experience to democratize fashion sector decision-making
  • From material sourcing to design: what core principles for Indigenous & Local Community engagement are actionable for the fashion sector today?

Introducing: The Trailblazer Programme


  • A strong belief in the power of innovation: empowering early-stage investment for exceptional fashion start-ups
  • Acknowledging key fashion sector parameters to drive sustainability solutions for the future
  • Revealing a new visionary: introducing the Trailblazer Programme

Models for Collective Financing

Keynote Conversation

  • Leveraging interventions: insights from one of fashion’s most meaningful templates for investment
  • What internal company capabilities are needed to deliver collective action on critical impact areas like reducing fashion sector emissions?
  • From ambition to action: encouraging and inspiring fashion companies worldwide to engage in major collaborative projects

Future Fibers: Enabling the Circular Model

Keynote Conversation

  • The pace of fashion’s shift towards circular fibers must urgently increase, maintaining cost and quality considerations
  • Which technological enablers can transform textile waste into high-quality, ready-to-spin recycled raw materials?
  • Revolutionizing textile-to-textile recycling technology to enable the fashion & textile industry to shift to circularity

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Closing Address

Systems Change: It Starts With Ourselves

Keynote Presentation

The Power Play of Sustainability and Sport

Keynote Conversation

Luxury, Leather and Land

Panel Discussion

  • The new luxury leather mix: confronting long-standing challenges for an interconnected value chain ecosystem and regenerative materials
  • All eyes on ethics: are welfare standards and ethical certifications enough in the face of animal exploitation?
  • Viable leather alternatives how to drive scale and performance qualities alongside demand for conventional materials