Decarbonisation Data: Fashion’s Emissions

Round The Room

  • Empowering collective action on filling fashion’s data gaps
  • Fashion sector alignment on figures for greenhouse gas emissions (and why this matters)
  • Demonstrating improvement: regulatory requirement data and methodologies towards impact reduction at scale

Next Level Barrier: Long-standing questions around fashion’s emissions impact risk diminishing the quality of our sustainability strategies
Solution Unlock: Establish an industry-wide pathway towards quantifying the true value to serve all industry stakeholders in demonstrating impact 

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All Eyes on Ethics: Alternative Material Futures

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Elevating the Consumer-Citizen Role

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  • In a year of global elections, democracies can empower and enable citizen-level action towards circular economies on a massive scale
  • But how is the fashion sector understanding the role of the consumer within the sustainable transition so far?
  • From new retail models through to an ever-increasing level of knowledge and discernment in pop-culture, what actions are making an impact?


Next Level Barrier: Discrepancy between civil society and industry roles confuse the pathway towards a net positive fashion sector by displacing responsibilities
Solution Unlock: Pioneer collaborative circular responsibility from both stakeholders, focused on metrics and approaches to designing, styling and wearing

The Preferred Fibre Face-Off

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  • Over the next decade, fashion must push on scaling million of tons of next-gen materials to overcome a pluriverse of materials-based challenges
  • Given the timelines, how can fashion collectively progress beyond comparisons of the merits between fibres?
  • Less trade-off, more transition: from change management to de-risking mechanisms, what specific investments are needed from fashion now and what are the most recent learnings from the recycled fibre landscape?
  • What are the most recent learnings from current developments the recycled fibre landscape?


Next Level Barrier: Industry-wide debates on preferred fibre categories (eg Cotton Vs Polyester) are slowing down action on materials-based challenges (eg water, chemical and microfibre release).
Solution Unlock: Fathom future scenarios to valorise todays material mix and nurture advanced innovations that phase-out of fossil-fuel derived, virgin materials.

Unpacking Policy: Eco Design Principles

Round The Room

  • A new paradigm: what is the Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation and how can fashion view policy change as an opportunity for creative problem-solving?
  • How are fashion’s design and product visionaries creating impact through adaptation and innovation?
  • Empowering designers to reimagine existing systems: setting new industry standards through visionary collaboration


Next Level Barrier: Policy experts and fashion experts struggle to speak the same language, which prevents effective policy implementation
Solution Unlock: A facilitated dialog to explore and demonstrate the impact of ecodesign for sustainable products regulation on product design