Tackling Transparency: From Farms to Fabric

Case Study

  • Scaling an end-to-end protocol: learnings so far from an industry-shifting cotton fibre transparency programme
  • Action on field-level data: unlocking holistic impact from farms to fabric through grower-centric supply chain reporting
  • Meeting a new burden of proof: how is policy driving brands and retailers towards cultivating deeper traceability strategies on cotton?

Beyond Responsibility: What about Reduction?

Case Study


Tipping the Scale on Circular Material Adoption

Panel Discussion

  • A marginal difference? From commitment to action on recycled material offtake across the value chain
  • Innovation towards stronger purchasing commitment mechanisms: driving the required pricing and performance benefits of circular textiles
  • Circular or recycled? Systems shifts to share rewards of reintroduced waste streams

The Preferred Fibre Face-Off

Round The Room

  • Over the next decade, fashion must push on scaling million of tons of next-gen materials to overcome a pluriverse of materials-based challenges
  • Given the timelines, how can fashion collectively progress beyond comparisons of the merits between fibres?
  • Less trade-off, more transition: from change management to de-risking mechanisms, what specific investments are needed from fashion now?

Material Production: Scaling Tier 4 Best Practice

Panel discussion

  • Direct brand-producer connections and long-term commitments: unpacking the risks and rewards of switching to more responsible material production
  • What specific tools and support from brands are helpful when it comes to scaling best practices for producing materials?
  • What is the role of standards in scaling responsible material processes?