Future Fibers: Enabling the Circular Model

Keynote Conversation

  • The pace of fashion’s shift towards circular fibers must urgently increase, maintaining cost and quality considerations
  • Which technological enablers can transform textile waste into high-quality, ready-to-spin recycled raw materials?
  • Revolutionizing textile-to-textile recycling technology to enable the fashion & textile industry to shift to circularity

All Eyes on Ethics: Alternative Material Futures

Round The Room


Elevating the Consumer-Citizen Role

Round The Room

  • In a year of global elections, democracies can empower and enable citizen-level action towards circular economies on a massive scale
  • But how is the fashion sector understanding the role of the consumer within the sustainable transition so far?
  • From new retail models through to an ever-increasing level of knowledge and discernment in pop-culture, what actions are making an impact?

Celebrating Circular Business Models

Case Study

  • Rethinking value: what will it take to keep products in use through circular business models?
  • A question of scale: tactics, techniques and incentives for making second-hand the first choice from both brand and retailer perspectives
  • Increased revenue from circular business models: what metrics signal success for circular businesses, and how can fashion brands start making the transition?

Unpacking Policy: Eco Design Principles

Round The Room

  • A new paradigm: what is the Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation and how can fashion view policy change as an opportunity for creative problem-solving?
  • How are fashion’s design and product visionaries creating impact through adaptation and innovation?
  • Empowering designers to reimagine existing systems: setting new industry standards through visionary collaboration