Decarbonisation Data: Fashion’s Emissions

Round The Room

  • Empowering collective action on filling fashion’s data gaps
  • Tier 3 and beyond: fashion sector alignment on figures for greenhouse gas emissions (and why this matters)
  • Demonstrating improvement: regulatory requirement data and methodologies towards impact reduction at scale

Reverse Logistics: Futureproofing Fashion Value Chains

Case Study

  • As circular partnerships develop, a growing need for integrated reverse logistics is emerging across the fashion sector
  • What are the strongest transition strategies for circular futures globally – and what role do reverse logistics play?
  • Exploring opportunities: where can the fashion and logistics industries collaborate to co-create powerful solutions at scale?

Pathways to Indigenous Partnership

Panel Discussion

  • Level setting: addressing how articulating the framing for this topic and nuances to know
  • Centering the human experience to democratize fashion sector decision-making
  • From material sourcing to design: what core principles for Indigenous & Local Community engagement are actionable for the fashion sector today?

Models for Collective Financing

Keynote Conversation

  • Leveraging interventions: insights from one of fashion’s most meaningful templates for investment
  • What internal company capabilities are needed to deliver collective action on critical impact areas like reducing fashion sector emissions?
  • From ambition to action: encouraging and inspiring fashion companies worldwide to engage in major collaborative projects

Luxury, Leather and Land

Panel Discussion

  • The new luxury leather mix: confronting long-standing challenges for an interconnected value chain ecosystem and regenerative materials
  • All eyes on ethics: are welfare standards and ethical certifications enough in the face of animal exploitation?
  • Viable leather alternatives how to drive scale and performance qualities alongside demand for conventional materials

Futureproofing Fashion Transport

Case Study

Reshape, Rethink: Innovating Data

Keynote Conversation

  • Unlocking the next value chain level: a new depth of quality on waste, water + GHG emissions reporting
  • Data exchange immediacy for meaningful collaboration across global key regions
  • Hard to measure, even harder to manage: what’s next for real scope 3 data necessities