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Global Fashion Summit - Copenhagen edition 7-8 June 2022   •   Global Fashion Summit - Copenhagen edition 7-8 June 2022   •   Global Fashion Summit - Copenhagen edition 7-8 June 2022   •   Global Fashion Summit - Copenhagen edition 7-8 June 2022   •   Global Fashion Summit - Copenhagen edition 7-8 June 2022   •   Global Fashion Summit - Copenhagen edition 7-8 June 2022   •   

A Sustainable Conference

Global Fashion Summit is about bringing to light and discussing sustainable solutions for the fashion industry. That same spirit is embodied in the high environmental standards the Summit holds itself to a commitment that naturally includes suppliers. Reducing the ecological footprint of the Summit is a comprehensive effort that takes into consideration every product and process involved, whether before, during or after the Summit.

Everything from packaging and catering to water bottles has been designed with this in mind.

Beauty Partner

Rudolph Care

Rudolph Care by Andrea Rudolph is a recognised Scandinavian beauty brand of exclusive, certified organic and sustainable products. Envisioned, developed and produced locally in Denmark–made from hand-picked ingredients from all over the world.

Rudolph Care represents a new beauty-standard with a conscious approach: Rudolph Care were the first to ever combine the Eco cert Cosmos Organic certification with the Nordic Swan Eco label. A combination of taking care of human health as well as preserving the environment, during the whole lifespan of the beauty product.

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Official Furniture Partner


Founded in Copenhagen in 2006 Mater is a pioneering global brand with sustainability at its core. From the outset the ambition was to inspire a global design audience and to engage people in sustainable thinking. Using waste material Mater combines sustainability and circular production with timeless design through collaboration with well-established and new design talents

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Afternoon Snack Partner


Summerbird Organic is a Danish high-quality chocolate brand founded by Mikael Grønlykke and his parents in1986. The family has been gastronomic pioneers in the Danish food scene and has honoured the Scandinavian ingredients and recipes ever since.

Today, Summerbird Organic is recognised as one of the best chocolates in all of Scandinavia and works uncompromisingly with the quality of their products. Ecology, taste, serious craftsmanship and”Only nature’s ingredients” are the cornerstones of Summerbird Organic.

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Food packing Partner

Bevar det Vel

“Bevar del vel” established in 2020, manufactures wax/resin impregnated GOTS-certified cotton cloth. For protection and storage of food, mainly for bread, cheese, fruit and vegetables. It is about old methods in a new setting that keep the food well. Practical, easy and conscious.

The cloth is practical, as it keeps food fresh for a longer time and thus reduces food waste. An acknowledged process. The heat from your hands help press and shape the cloth. The cloth reduces the consumption of plastic and aluminium foil for the benefit of the environment.

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Lanyards Partner


InResST is a low-carbon, environmentally friendly company that focuses on the feasibility research, development, production, and promotion of ocean plastics used in textiles. InResST recycled nylon staple fiber products are mainly derived from ghost fishing nets, generated by deep-sea fishery activities, which are then produced by a zero-carbon factory. Its performance is very similar to virgin nylon and can be directly applied to all types of yarns and fabrics. It can also be recycled physically and chemically. We hope to cooperate with environmentally conscious brands and manufacturers to develop, innovate, and work together to protect the environment as well as the ocean.

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Hangers Partner


Arch & Hook (A&H) is a sustainable materials engineering company, developing recycled and recyclable alternatives to non-sustainable materials within the fashion and retail industries. Founded in Amsterdam in 2015, A&H started out as the world’s first sustainable hanger brand, pioneering game-changing innovation across the fashion and retail sectors. The company is now building on that legacy, driving industry collaboration with its innovative and fully recyclable materials, such as BLUE® and A&H WOOD.A&H has offices in Amsterdam, London, Singapore, New York and Sydney and a network of employees, resellers and distributors across Europe, Asia and the United States.

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Packing Partner

CMC Biopack

CMC Biopack is a company that exclusively focuses on delivering, designing, developing and producing 100% biological and 100% compostable products within disposable service and packaging. We have six product categories in the range.

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Catering Partner

LOCA gruppen

LOCA’s vision is to use taste and food enjoyment to power positive changes across sustainable development goals and country borders within the industry that they live and breathe for, namely: Gastronomy.

The food industry has contributed to a variety of humanly created problems across the globe, and it is now high time that the gastronomic industry joins in to solve these challenges. This relates to climate change and environmental challenges as well as inequality, poverty, and hunger.

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Loca Gruppen