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The Innovation Forum presents a curated community of the world’s leading sustainable solutions and connects them to fashion brands and retailers to drive meaningful transformation.

Since 2018, the Innovation Forum has turned words into action by presenting a curated selection of the world’s most promising solutions covering the entire supply chain.

This is done through our summit, with physical exhibition spaces. Driving action through connection with our network through matchmaking and activities throughout the year.

If you are interested in exhibiting at the Global Fashion Summit or want to get in touch, contact us below.

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Through our Matchmaking Programme, we enable small and large companies to meet with solution providers equipping them with tools to turn words into

meaningful action. Pre-matched meetings are set up between solution providers and fashion brands based on a pre-screening to increase agreements made.

In 2022, more than 450 facilitated meetings between solution providers and fashion companies took place during the two days of the Summit.

This year, fashion brands and retailers will again participate in the matchmaking and have the opportunity to join guided tours of the Innovation Forum during the Summit.

Secure ticket for this year’s Summit

Announced Solution Providers for the Copenhagen Edition 2023:

Carbonfact is the only fashion-specific Carbon Management Platform that helps brands discover the exact sources of their carbon emissions and take actionable steps to reduce their footprint. With the Carbonfact tool, you can run detailed and accurate life cycle assessments (LCAs) in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods. From key emission drivers across the value chain to product design decisions, our platform provides you with the insights you need to lower your environmental impact.

Read more about Carbonfact here.

Founded in 1891, Cone Denim is a worldwide leader in denim innovation and delivers unparalleled expertise and advanced denim capabilities to service and inspire the global market.

Cone promotes sustainable practices through its Sustainblue™ denim fabrics representing the highest standards in responsible manufacturing and Cone’s commitment to making a positive impact in its communities. Cone Denim operates as part of Elevate Textiles, Inc., with manufacturing capabilities in Mexico and China and a global network of sales, product, and merchandising professionals based out of Greensboro, N.C., New York, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong.

Read more about Cone Denim here.

A patented cactus-based biomaterial as an alternative to leather.

Desserto is a patented cactus-based biomaterial as an alternative to leather, developed by Adrian Lopez Velarde and Marte Cazarez through Adriano Di Marti company established in 2019 in Guadalajara, Mexico.A holistic sustainable approach has been developed by the company to comply with the most rigorous environmental, social and ethical standards of the industry through its value chain.

Read more about Desserto here.

HILOS is a radically new way to make footwear, blending 3D printing and algorithmic design for a new level of creativity and comfort while delivering a zero-waste future. Its end-to-end innovation platform enables brands to design and launch footwear digitally crafted by HILOS without inventory or end-of-life waste.

HILOS is the first commercially scaled and tested use of 3D printing technology for on-demand footwear. The company recently won Most Innovative World Technology and Best in Show at SXSW, while a recent Yale case study showed that HILOS technology can cut carbon emissions by half and reduce water usage by 99%.

Read more about Hilos here.

What if you could stop used clothes from ending up in dumpsters and instead capture the value of their precious raw materials? Regenerate them into beautiful, new, textile fibers that look and feel like cotton. That’s what Infinited Fiber Company’s technology does. It turns cellulose-rich materials – like old clothes, used carboard, or rice straw – into unique, biodegradable soft fibers: Infinna™.

Founded in Finland in 2016, Infinited Fiber Company is on a mission to make circularity in textiles an everyday reality. The regenerated Infinna™ fiber is currently created out of 100% post-consumer textile waste. It has been proven to work beautifully on its own for 100% regenerated yarns and fabrics and to blend easily with other fibers.

Read more about Infinited Fiber Company here.

Human activities in the ocean is unlimited, yet the self-healing ability of the marine ecosystem is limited. InResST is a low-carbon, environmentally friendly company that focuses on the feasibility research, development, production and promotion of ocean plastics used in textiles. InResST recycled nylon staple fiber products are mainly derived from ghost fishing nets, generated by deep-sea fishery activities, recycling by the mechanical way . which are then produced by a zero-carbon factory. Its performance is very similar to virgin nylon and can be directly applied to all types of yarns and fabrics. Our mission is to reduce carbon emissions, reduce dependence on oil, protect marine life, protect the marine environment, and clean up microplastic pollution in the ocean. We hope to cooperate with environmentally-conscious brands and manufacturers to develop, innovate, and work together to protect the environment as well as the ocean.

Read more about InResSt here.

Fashion Super App. One App. All things fashion.

Loop is the single platform where everyone meets, and everybody benefits.

Fashion Customers, Influencers, Retailers, Charities, Resell marketplaces are all interconnected and profiting from being part of one LOOP ecosystem.

Loop has made it significantly easier to interact with one another in the fashion ecosystem by automatically digitalising and connecting wardrobes of fashionistas and their friends.

Automatic Integration with Instagram allows users to import photos to LOOP with one click, while being connected to retailers’ checkouts ensures ultimate convenience.

Within LOOP sustainability is not an ask ut a simple outcome as all secondary life options for fashion products are only one click away to make circular fashion not a distance dream but a new reality.

Read more about LOOP Digital Wardrobe here.

For 30 years, OEKO-TEX® has been offering standardized solutions that companies in the textile and leather industry can use to transparently and sustainably optimize their manufacturing processes. Based on scientific principles, OEKO-TEX® contributes to bringing high-quality, safe and sustainable products onto the market. 21,000 manufacturers, brands and trading companies in more than 100 countries are currently working with OEKO-TEX®. At the same time, millions of consumers around the world use the OEKO-TEX® labels as a guide for their responsible purchasing decisions. Products and suppliers certified by OEKO-TEX® can be found online in the OEKO-TEX® buying guide here.

Read more about OEKO-TEX® here.

Recurate is a technology-enabled resale service founded to help brands move towards a more sustainable business model while attracting new customers, growing repeat purchases, and avoiding the disposal of non-new inventory.

Recurate enables brands to create a circular eco-system by fully integrating peer-to-peer (low impact and reduced up-front cost), take-back (utilizing brands or localized partners), and several other resale models into a brand’s ecommerce site. This helps brands connect with the 74% of consumers around the world who shop pre-owned.

Read more about Recurate here.

Retraced is a leading platform for sustainable and transparent supply chain management for the fashion and textile industry.

The platform digitally connects all stakeholders along the entire supply chain, from cotton farmers and ginners to fashion brands and retailers. The tech company based in Germany assists its global clients in the collection, management, and analysis of environmental and social data of their supply chains, while providing a comprehensive framework for supply chain due diligence. Retraced enables enhanced transparency through supply chain exploration and traceability, which helps its users ensure compliance with legal requirements and effectively reduce risks. The platform is designed to meet the needs of both brands and suppliers which allows for efficient communication on eye-level, bringing the global supply chains closer together and paving the way for a more sustainable future.

Read more about Retraced here.

TEXAID is a Swiss based, international textile recycling company founded 1978 as a charity-private partnership. As a European market leader with over 40 years of experience and a strong dedication to sustainability, TEXAID processes more than 280M items (80.000 tons) annually. With a global operational presence and market focus in Europe and the USA, more than 1,000 employees contribute daily to saving millions of textiles from landfill or incineration.

TEXAID’s Retail Solutions unit is designed to address the textile industry’s growing needs for sustainable end-of-use solutions and provides customized concepts for producers, distributors, brands and retailers to keep pre- and post-consumer textiles and footwear in the circle.

Through our vast expertise and market presence, TEXAID creates and delivers individual concepts and optimised solutions. Services include online and offline take-back systems, sorting of pre- and post-consumer textile, online and offline resale channels, white label re-commerce platforms, recycling and textile-to-textile R&D projects. These services can include reporting and brand protection measures (i.e. delabeling).

Read more about TEXAID here.

The ID Factory is a supply chain traceability platform (SaaS) that, through the creation of a digital ID, allows fashion companies to gain end-to-end transparency over their global supply chain.

We digitize operations like quality control, compliance, extended procurement and traceability through a dynamic database integrated with any management system.

A digital product passport enabled by a physical and digital traceability at scale.

Brands such as Geox, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Tamaris, s.Oliver and more than 600 supply chain stakeholders in 22 countries worldwide embraced full transparency thanks to The ID Factory’ solution.

Because Transparency doesn’t need trust.

The ID Factory is a Benefit Company and a B Corp.

Read more about The ID Factory here.

TrusTrace streamlines the processing of textile supply chain data from digital and offline sources to help brands gather the evidence in one place. Powered by intelligent automation and high-quality data inputs, TrusTrace provides brands with verified product traceability data needed to make confident certified material and compliance claims, and progress towards scienced-based targets and responsible supply chains. As a leader in this nascent space, TrusTrace is already fuelling global-scale traceability programs at brands such as decathlon, adidas, Fjällräven and Filippa K. 

Product Traceability Data You can Trust

With the launch of TrusTrace Certified Material Compliance, TrusTrace provides global brands with enterprise-scale software to capture full supply chain traceability for multi-component products. Our customers are moving away from tedious paperwork and spreadsheet files, onto AI-driven certification management and a streamlined development of the digital chain of custody per PO.

Read more about TrusTrace here.

Upcycle Labs turns fashion biggest problem – waste – into additional revenue for brands and retailers.

Upcycle Labs innovative technology turns fashion waste into products and produces quality contemporary décor, shop fittings and interior related products made of brand’s fashion inventory for worlds most respected luxury brands. 

Read more about Upcycle Labs here.

Setting a new standard in more sustainably grown cotton.

Launched in 2020, the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol is built on a foundation of robust data capture, aggregation and reporting that drives continuous improvement across six key sustainability metrics – water use, energy efficiency, greenhouse gas emissions, soil conservation, soil carbon and land use – and is the world’s first sustainable cotton fiber program to offer article-level supply chain transparency.

The program has welcomed more than 1,200 members and 40 global brands and retailers, including J.Crew, Gap Inc., Next, and Ralph Lauren. Plus, with 1.1 million acres of cotton enrolled during the 2021/22 crop year, the program is continuing to grow. 

Thanks to its proprietary Protocol Consumption Management Solution (PCMS), brands and retailers can track U.S. Cotton from gin to garment, ensuring transparency and accountability at every stage. In fact, Next PLC became the world’s first retailer to fully track U.S. Cotton into finished products in August of 2022.

Read more about U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol here.

Yellow Octopus Group is a leading European provider of commercial sustainability solutions for the fashion industry. 

Yellow Octopus Group companies comprise an ecosystem of sustainability services for the fashion industry that accelerate brand’s transition from linear to circular business model. Ranging from re-commerce and upcycling to digital wardrobe tools for sustainable post-purchase afterlife, we are building scalable circular models in fashion to benefit all and make an impact.

Read more about Yellow Octopus Group here.

YKK was founded in Japan in 1934 and is now operating in 71 countries around the world. YKK develops and produces a range of fastening solutions, including zippers, snaps and buttons, plastic products, hook-and-loop fasteners and webbings.

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fastening products, YKK cares deeply about our environmental footprint. Since the introduction in 1994 of our first zipper made from recycled material, we have focused on creating sustainable products that minimise their impact on the environment.

With commitments to important industry initiatives and organisations, such as the UN Fashion Charter, the Science-based Targets for CO2 emissions reduction, and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation for the advancement of circular fashion, YKK is dedicated to creating products beneficial to people and the planet.

Read more about YKK here.